In many Internet Hunting Forums, You-tube posts, direct emails and general conversations, many of you have asked how I have created the Working Man's Hunter video’s, what cameras I use, do I tape myself, do I have a camera man, etc. Well let me tell you all right here.

After struggling to create hunting video's with my families video cameras and PC's with- out enough juice, hard drive space, speed and constant crashes and lock ups, I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions just like you have of me. After Years of trying to film my own hunts and actually doing it with some success but with massive effort I discovered RAK'd UP. If you want to cut the learning curve by years, you need to check them out. We have now been using this RAK'd UP System and will soon be releasing all of our Working Man’s Hunter Video's in HD. The video's we have shot this past month are all shot with the RAK'd UP System, Stored on the RAK'd UP Computer and edited with software provided in the RAK'd UP package. RAK'd UP is a First Rate company that puts it all together and in a quality system that works. Not every camera, computer and mounting bracket actually work together, trust me, I know. I wish I had found them 2 years ago and saved myself hundreds of hours of time, thousands of dollars in hardware, and software and many missed video shots because of crashed computers (overloaded) and lost or defective film of great once in a lifetime shots, which I am now finally confident will not happen again. Because of the performance that we have experienced here with Working Man's Hunter using the RAK'd UP package, you will find RAK'd UP on our Approved Vendor List.

Stay tuned for a Spot light segment in an upcoming show where we actually demonstrate the "How we video the Working Man’s Hunter" show using the RAK'd Up package. We have teamed with Rak'd up to eliminate the wasted time rebooting PC's and improving the quality of our video's to HD. Now all of our equipment has a warranty that is backed up by RAK'd UP. If you want to check them out, please do. We have placed a link on our site for you to go directly to RAK'd UP and see for yourself. If you use this link from our site and decide to purchase a system for yourself, you will get FREE shipping on your purchase if you use the coupon code RFS500 at check out. It is located on the bottom of their ad here on the home page of this site, this could be up to $50.00 in savings, but it is only offered through our site to you, the Working Man's Hunter. Believe me, with a family, an everyday job, and my passion for hunting, every dollar saved counts. Good Hunting and videoing too.

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The Pro Staff at Extreme Precision Outdoors would really like to say congratulations on all the success you have had over the making of your new show! We watch every episode and i am truly impressed by where you started to where you are now! It's amazing to watch you hunt and do your thing! Keep up the good work! Your definately are a role model to all of us and future hunters as well!! keep the videos coming.
- Team EPO

My brother and I found your website and have been watching your YouTube video clips. We both agree that you have done a great job, you really show what it is like to have a job, a family, house work and everything else that occurs in the everyday hunters life.
- Drop Tine Pursuit

Chris, your stuff is grass-roots and real! …I really like the way you just simply talk to the viewers…I'd rather spend an afternoon watching YouTube videos of the average Joe hunter…your stuff is something I can totally relate to…I love this whole hunting/filming thing…It's a lot of work and a huge commitment - especially for a husband and daddy…You are my newest hero dude!
- TJ