WMH Mission

Our Vision

To create and convey through video, audio, web technology a real working man's hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences.

Our Mission

To provide the Working Man's Hunter audience with a real life practical experience as it actually happens. Whether in the field, at home, work, shopping for equipment and product, or just hanging out with friends and fellow sportsman who have a passion for the outdoors.

Viewer Focus

The viewer/customer is our First Priority; we will always strive to exceed their expectations and stay true to our Vision and Mission of providing real, everyday experiences in our productions. The Working Man's Hunter will only promote a product or service that we ourselves would use, or recommend to a family member or friend.


We will work to exude leadership qualities in the way we interact with our viewers/customers, fellow outdoorsmen and partners/vendors. We will take charge, assuming responsibility for the Programming/Video's, Products and Services, we so proudly produce and provide and recommend to our audience.


We will exhibit sound, ethical business practices. It's about being honest and straightforward, doing what we say we will do, always keeping the viewer/customer first.


We measure our work/productions against our objectives and goals as an organization. We take pride in the videos we produce and distribute and the work we do in those productions and the services we provide to the common hunter, outdoorsman.

Our Pledge

The Working Man's Hunter is just that, we promise to provide our viewing audience with the best video experience as it actually happens to our host in real life situations. From preparation to time spent out in the field, the experience will be what anyone with passion for hunting and the outdoors and a little time can enjoy. Our viewers/customers will exposed to only products or services that have been field tested and that we would recommend to our own family, friends and fellow sportsmen.

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The Pro Staff at Extreme Precision Outdoors would really like to say congratulations on all the success you have had over the making of your new show! We watch every episode and i am truly impressed by where you started to where you are now! It's amazing to watch you hunt and do your thing! Keep up the good work! Your definately are a role model to all of us and future hunters as well!! keep the videos coming.
- Team EPO

My brother and I found your website and have been watching your YouTube video clips. We both agree that you have done a great job, you really show what it is like to have a job, a family, house work and everything else that occurs in the everyday hunters life.
- Drop Tine Pursuit

Chris, your stuff is grass-roots and real! …I really like the way you just simply talk to the viewers…I'd rather spend an afternoon watching YouTube videos of the average Joe hunter…your stuff is something I can totally relate to…I love this whole hunting/filming thing…It's a lot of work and a huge commitment - especially for a husband and daddy…You are my newest hero dude!
- TJ